Information contact: Andy Kober, 406-860-1804

Final Decisions are to be made by the show promoter or his head tech personnel.

 Stock class 4WD

1. Weight classes are as listed, 5200lb, 6200lb, 7200lb, 8200lb.

2. Weight of all pulling vehicles, including driver, must not exceed the limit of their respective class.

3. Driver must know his or her weight class they are entering at registration.

4. Drivers must have fire extinguisher mounted in cab, within arms reach.

5.Helmet and seatbelts are to be worn during pull.

6. Backup lamps are to be in working order and clearly seen.

7. Number of class entries is 2 maximum; truck is allowed to pull once per class, except first hook of each class has the option to re-pull immediately or at the end of the class.

8. Any pull-off, will take place at the end of that class.

9. 100 foot rule applies to all classes. If something is not correct with truck, You may stop before 100’ and the sled will bring you back to start and you can start again. One time only!!

10. Do not stop with your brakes while hooked to the sled. Coast to a stop.

11. No passenger!

*Hitch rules are as stated.

1. Hook point cannot exceed 26” parallel from the ground before, during, or after the pull.

2. Factory receiver hitches are acceptable. Must have a minimum of 3” inside diameter loop. No ball hitches.

3. No bumper hitches, Hitches must be mounted securely to the frame

*Fabricated hitches

1.Drawbar cannot mount further forward than center of rear axel.

2.Drawbar cannot incline more than 25% of draw bar length and cannot be less than 30% of vehicles wheelbase from center of rear axel to rear inside of 3” loop. Draw bar must be attached rigid to frame no more than 14” from hook point. If the third link returns to axel, the axel must be solid mounted, and must return at or below centerline of axel.

3. Hook point must have a 3” loop for sled hook, and at least 5/8 thick, No Ball hitches

4. All parts of hitch must be securely mounted to frame by means of bolting or welding.

NO chains will be allowed!!!

5. Hook point must be easily acceptable for hook. If the 30% rule, stops the point of hook under the rear of the box or bumper by more than 6”, than modifications must be done for easy hook. Must have at least 6” clearance 360 degrees around hook point.

6. No part of hitch can be mounted above vehicles frame rails

*Weight adding

1. All weight must be securely mounted

2. Added weight to the front of vehicle must not exceed 60” from center of front axel to furthest most forward point of weight.

3. No weight is to be added to inside of cab.

4. Weight can be added to inside of box, but must be fastened securely.

*Axels & drive train

1. Wheel base must match the manufacturer specs.

2. Wheel spacers are not allowed.

3.Rear axel can be blocked or mounted rigid.

4. Ladder/ traction bars are permitted.

5. Air bags must have limiter straps to be set at hitch height

6. Tires must be D.O.T. approved and not to exceed 12.5” wide or 35” tall

No bar-type or cut tires!

7. Trucks that exceed 400 hp and 5500 RPM must have 360 degree u-joint enclosures made from 3/16” steel or 5/16” aluminum extending 3” from centerline of u-joint and kill switches.( SEE SUPER STOCK GAS # 9 FOR LOCATION.)

8. Drive lines between transmission and transfer cases must have at least one hoop.

9. Clutches must have lower and side shields fabricated from ¼” steel or 3/8” aluminum to contain clutch debris. 3/8” conveyor belting is an option if it’s covering the essential parts

10. No fabricated gear boxes are allowed in stock class.

* Engines and fuel

1. No aluminum blocks, cast iron only, aluminum heads, intake manifolds are allowed.

2. Single 4 barrel Carburetors and stock fuel injection is allowed.

3. Blowers are not allowed.

4. Pumped gas or race fuel is permitted. No alcohol, nitrous oxide or Propane.

5. Exhaust can be single, dual or uncorked headers. Headers must exit down and to the rear or up.

*Vehicle body

1. All four tires must be covered with fenders.

2. Drivers compartment must have a complete floor and doors to shield the driver

3. Must have a complete OEM windshield.

4. Must have workable seat belts.

5. Must have engine compartment hood.

Stock Diesel Class

 All rules pertaining to diesel trucks shall be the same as stock gas except as noted below:

Diesel trucks cannot pull in less than 7200lb. class.

 *Axels and drive train

1. Back rear and forward front u-joints must be enclosed 360 degrees

made from minimum 3/16 steel or 5/16” aluminum 6” wide, centered over the u-joint and kill switches or guillotines,( SEE SUPER STOCK GAS # 9 FOR LOCATION.)

These will be required for Pulling season 2011 and there after, especially for motors running 4500 rpm or more.

*Engines and fuel

1. Single O.E.M. turbo only, Twin turbo’s will not be accepted in stock class unless factory production

2. Pumped #1 or #2 fuel or Bio-Diesel with water injection only.

3. No aftermarket fuel pumps, Aftermarket lift pumps are accepted.

4. Programmers and chips are OK.

5. All engine blocks must have been manufactured or available as factory option on 1-ton or smaller pick-up trucks.

6. Engine swaps between manufacturers are permitted.

7. No aluminum block or heads unless OEM.

4×4 Super Stock Gas

This class is different from any classes we had before, It is being introduced to allow a more competitive class. Please read carefully, as the rules are fairly different than stock gas.

  1. Weight class is 6200lbs only. This includes the driver.
  2. Wheel base is a 133” only.
  3. Helmets and fire jackets are to be worn during pull.
  4. 4- point harness is required.
  5. 8lb. minimum fire extinguisher is to be mounted securely inside of cab within arms reach of driver.
  6. Driver must have a valid drivers license and must be at least 16 years old

* Engines and fuel

1. Engine size limited to a maximum of 530 cubic inch displacement, with a 5cubic inch allowance. Naturally aspirated engine with a single four barrel carburetor, on pump gas or race gas, which has working float and mechanical linkage. In other words, Fuel injection, Forced induction, bottled gas and alcohol is not permitted.

2. All trucks will have a SFI approved harmonic balancer or shielded with 1/4” steel or 3/8” aluminum, to cover width of balancer, water pump can be part of shield.

3. No aluminum blocks allowed, aluminum heads and intake manifolds are optional. No sheet metal intakes.

4. Engine can be moved plus or minus 3” from manufactured stock location

5. Exhaust must exit vertically.

* Chassis and drive train

1. Vehicle must be 4 wheel drive with stock frame.

2.Front axel must remain in same location as stock vehicle, Rear axel cannot exceed plus or minus 2” of wheel well and mounted solid to frame with a wheel base of 133”. The outside edge of narrow axel tire must be within 1” of the centerline of wide axel tire. D.O.T. approved tires only, not to exceed 12.5” wide or 35” tall. No cut or bar type tires are allowed.

3. Any combination of front end and rear end may be used and must have working brakes.

4. Must have all safety equipment such as 3 drive shaft hoops minimum 2” wide and 2 u-joint enclosures 6” wide (centered over u-joint) per shaft, made from a minimum of 3/8” aluminum or 5/16” steel enclosed 360 degrees, not more than 2” from shaft in any direction except front shaft may have some allowance for up and down movement. Front and rear drive shafts hoops and u-joint enclosures must have a backbone that is attached to the frame with four limiter straps.

5. Drive shaft between transmission and transfer case must be completely enclosed with a minimum of 3/8” aluminum or 1/4” steel.

6. Any transmission or reverser allowed with after market transfer cases. Clutches may vary but must be enclosed in an explosion proof bell housing ( must be SFI approved.) or scatter blanket. An automatic transmission must be enclosed in scatter blanket or external shield( SFI approved )

7.Must have shielding on drive axel bolts. Wheel center caps are sufficient, otherwise, minimum 1/8” aluminum cover must be bolted to the wheel to cover the axel hubs. Front covers can have a center hole for lock-out hubs, so long as hub end or axel bolts are covered.

8. Neutral safety switch, and reverse lights are required and must be within 18” from point of hook.

9. Kill switches must be located within 24” from point of hook and may may be 6” off center.

* Weight bar

1. Added weight to the front, must not exceed 60” from center of front axel to the furthest most forward point of weight and no wider than the vehicle body. Weight bars must have supporting wheels and be no more than 6” off the ground and no more than 6” behind the front of weight bar. Wheels must be a minimum of 6” wide and 4” in diameter.

2. No weight is to be added to the box or inside of cab.

* Vehicle body

1. Cab must have firewall, dash, doors, OEM or plexiglass windshield and back window, and must have a complete floor pan.

2. Fiberglass bodies are permitted.

3. Seat can be positioned anywhere in the cab.

4. Must have a complete body, ( front fenders, cab, and box.), If box does not have a floor than it must be covered with a tunneau cover, must also have a hood to cover the engine with the exception of air intake and exhaust.

* Hitches

Drawbar cannot mount any further forward than center of rear axel and must not exceed the length of 30% of the 133” wheel base and cannot incline more than 25% of drawbar length. The third link can return back to the rear-end at or below center line.

* Class

Minimum class size is five (5) units. If less than five super stock trucks register, then stock 6200lb gas may jump to fill the class. Jumping is based on the top place(s) in stock class and they pull first.

4×4 Modified Diesel


These rules are not the same as stock diesel, Although some may be the same, others are not. This class is being introduced to allow a more competitive class of pulling.

All rules pertaining to modified diesel shall be the same as super stock gas except as noted below:

  1. Weight class is 8200lbs only. This includes the driver.
  2. Wheel base can vary in length, but draw bars must apply to the 30% rule of vehicles wheelbase and cannot incline more than 25% of drawbar length.

3. Trucks with solid mounted rear-ends can have third link on hitch return at or below center of axel.

4. #1 or #2 fuel with water injection is permitted.

5. Engine size limited to a maximum 7.5 liter / 460 c.i. displacement.

6. Unlimited turbo’s in this class only, but must be shielded

7. Exhaust after turbo must have a cross installed from a minimum 5/16” bolts and no more than ½” apart.

8. Aftermarket injector and lift pumps are permitted.

9. All safety shields will be in place as stated in super gas.

10. Must have kill switches or guillotines. Guillotines must be manually re-opened

11. Dually rear is allowed

12. Air bags must have limiter straps to be set at hitch height and cannot be adjustable in any way before, during or after pull.

13. Alternate engine placement is allowed but cannot exceed more than 3” further forward than stock location.

Protest fees. $200.00 with $25.00 going to track

Discipline actions are in the hands of KARS officials and Winnings will be forfeited.